Migrating from ScholarPack

To ensure you have as smooth an experience as possible when moving from ScholarPack to Arbor, we will work closely with ScholarPack to transfer your data.

Providing access to your data

Logging into your Secure Portal

Each school moving from ScholarPack to Arbor is given a unique ‘Secure Upload Portal’, which they can use to confirm when they would like to move to Arbor, and that they have performed the necessary data checks we recommend. 

8 days before your booked migration slot, you will receive two emails from Arbor:

  1. The first email will contain a link to your school's unique secure portal and a username you will use to log into the portal.
  2. The second email will contain the password to log in to the portal.

Arbor will send these emails to your nominated Project Lead but they can be sent on to another appropriate staff member/IT Lead if needed.

You should expect to receive access to your Secure Portal during week 3 of your onboarding journey. If you have not received your email by then, please click Contact Us in the top right of the Help Centre and select Onboarding, migration and moving to Arbor.

Enter your details into the Secure Portal

To start the migration you'll need to log in to your Secure Upload Portal and follow the instructions listed on the page. You will be asked to: 

  1. Tick that you accept our Terms and Conditions
  2. Tick that you have cleansed and checked your data

Note: If you log into the portal and accept the T&Cs on a date before your booked migration day, we will take the data from ScholarPack at 1 minute past midnight on the booked migration day. This means that any information entered after this time will not carry across to Arbor. If you accept the T&Cs on your migration day, we will start taking the data at 1 minute past midnight the following morning.

That’s it! Now you just need to sit back and relax. Unless there is a problem, the next you will hear from us is when your new Arbor site is ready!



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