Primary Onboarding Weeks 1 to 4

Welcome to Arbor!

Congratulations on choosing Arbor as your new MIS and welcome to the Arbor community of schools!

This week-by-week guide will give you all the information you need to get you up and running on Arbor in weeks 1 through to 4.

Be sure to also check out our guide on what happens in weeks 5 to 8 of the onboarding journey.

Week 1

What happens this week?

This week, your Arbor Onboarding Team will reach out to say hello and provide you with the information you need to get started with your move to Arbor. You should use the link in the email to book a Kick-Off Call. You should also start to think about assigning roles and responsibilities to your school team and making them aware of your move to Arbor.

You'll also receive an email from Arbor with links to book any Arbor Training you have purchased. You can see more information on what we offer and how to book your training here.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

Top Tip for Week 1!

The sooner you can let your whole school team know you’re moving to Arbor, the better. Having an open forum for people to ask questions and understand more about why you decided to move can help with the change, and ensure people know what their role will be in making Arbor a success at your school and what their responsibility will be in the coming weeks.

Week 2

What happens this week?

In week 2, you should attend the Kick-Off Call and start working on your pre-migration data checks. It is really important to start working through these checks as soon as possible, as they will help to make sure the data in your current MIS is nice and tidy before your move to Arbor.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Attend the Kick-Off Call.
  • Start working through your pre-migration data checks to make sure the data in your current MIS is nice and tidy before your migration.
  • You may also want to start to contact any partner apps that you use (e.g. CPOMS), and let them know you're moving to Arbor. More information on how we link to your favourite systems can be found here.

Top Tip for Week 2!

The most successful schools are those that spend time completing their data checks and cleansing their data before migration. Doing this will mean you have a really good idea of exactly how your data should look. It will allow you a much smoother transition to your new MIS and mean you'll spend less time tidying up your data in Arbor.

Week 3

What happens this week? 

In week 3, you'll receive details for your Arbor Secure Upload Portal - the portal is unique to your school, and is where you can share the data from your current MIS with us securely on your migration day. Click here for more information on the Secure Upload Portal.

The details for your Secure Upload Portal will be sent to the Project Lead at your school in two separate emails from Arbor, but they can be forwarded on to other contacts who might be helping you with the migration if needed.
Also in week 3, you continue your pre-migration data checks and finalize notifying any partner applications of your move to Arbor.

Where on the timeline are we?


Actions for this week

  • Look out for two emails from Arbor with links to your Secure Upload Portal, where your data should be uploaded on your migration day.
  • Continue to complete the pre-migration checks in your current MIS, using our data checks guide.
  • Take part in your Arbor pre-launch training, if booked, or utilize the free online training materials such as the eLearning journey.
  • Contact any remaining partner applications to notify them of your move.

Top Tip for Week 3!

If you have training booked with the Arbor Training Team, make sure the dates and times have been communicated to the wider school team if you would like them to attend the sessions live. Don't worry if not everyone can attend the sessions at the same time, as the attendees will receive training materials such as recordings and slide decks after the session which can be shared with your colleagues.

Week 4 

What happens this week?

In week 4, you will complete the pre-migration data checks in your current MIS ready to provide us with the data on your migration day. 
Most importantly on your migration day, you will need to produce a backup of the data from your current MIS and provide this to Arbor by uploading the data to your Secure Upload Portal. You can access our guides on the data migration process here.

We also have a data migration FAQ document here.

Where are we on the timeline?


Actions for this week

  • Complete your pre-migration data checks & counts.
  • Produce a backup of your current MIS and upload your data to Arbor on your agreed migration day. Click here to see our data migration help guides and click here to view our data migration FAQ.
  • Ensure all relevant pre-launch training has been completed, and staff all the information they need to use Arbor.
  • Share our “how to take a register in Arbor” guide with teachers so they’re ready for their first day of using your new MIS!

Top Tip for Week 4!

Once you have taken a backup of your current MIS, any data you input into your MIS won't be in your new Arbor MIS, so we recommend setting this as the cut-off point for using your MIS and communicating this to the wider team to avoid any surprises! Some schools like to take a paper register for a couple of days whilst the migration to Arbor is being completed.

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