Known issue: Query 4007Q

The DfE has made us aware that there is an issue with query 4007 flagging incorrectly in Arbor.

Even if you do add funding, you will not be able to resolve this query in Arbor as this discrepancy has come from the DfE files. When submitting your census, this query will not pull through to COLLECT.

The DfE does not plan to fix this issue, but if this changes we will implement updates automatically as soon as we can.


4007Q - Please check: no pupils on roll are in receipt of School Led Tutoring.

This indicates that no students who were in year 1-11 or age 5-15 at of 31st August are in receipt of the School-Led Tutoring Grant.

Normally, the resolution would be:

  • If students are in receipt of this, you'll need to add this to student profiles following these instructions: Managing School led tutoring funding and teaching hours
  • If no students are in receipt of this, you'll just need to add a validation note when submitting your census to COLLECT.
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I'm still stuck!


  • what do I need to add for 4008Q?

  • Hi Diana, the link above will show you how to add this for students if required.

  • Hi Gwyn

    I know how to add them - the problem we have is there are 580 PP students in receipt of this here. Why is there no Bulk Update facility and can one be added? 



  • I think my query actually relates to 4007Q



  • Hi Diana, I'm afraid it is not possible to add learner funding to students in bulk. This will need to be recorded on each student's profile.

  • Why can a bulk update facility not be added for this - it is there for other fields?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Diana, I can see that you've already been speaking to our support team about this. As previously advised, you'd need to submit this as product feedback to our product team. You can see how to do this here.


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