National and School Led Tutoring funding and teaching hours

All state-funded primary, middle and secondary schools and academy trusts in England with pupils in Year 1 to 11 eligible for pupil premium will receive a grant - more information about the grant can be found on the DfE's website here.

In order to be eligible for the funding, students must be in Years 1-11 or aged 5-15 as of the 31st August during the academic year prior to the census.

  • If students are in receipt of this, you'll need to add this to student profiles following the instructions below.
  • If no students are in receipt of this, you don't need to record this on student profiles. You'll just need to add a validation note when submitting your census.

School Led Tutoring or National Tutoring Programme

What has changed?

For 2022/23, the DfE have renamed School Led Tutoring Programme to National Tutoring Programme.

We've added a new Student Funding Type of National Tutoring Programme, and made the old School Led Tutoring Programme funding type inactive. This means you can still see records of School Led Tutoring, but can't log new records with this as the type - new funding records should be recorded as National Tutoring Programme.

What do we need to do?

You don't need to change all your records to the new type if you don't wish to do so. This is because on the hours page and in the census, we will output records of both School Led Tutoring and National Tutoring Programme as National Tutoring Programme. You can choose to:

  • keep the existing School Led Tutoring record and add an overlapping National Tutoring Programme record
  • add an end date to a student's School Led Tutoring record and add a National Tutoring Programme record
  • delete a student's School Led Tutoring record and replace it with National Tutoring Programme
  • change the funding type from School Led Tutoring to National Tutoring Programme


Adding funding and hours

For any students with either School Led Tutoring or National Tutoring Programme funding records, you must add their number of tuition hours.

Recording the funding

You can see how to add funding for a student here: Adding top up funding to a student

Record the number of tuition hours

For the census, schools need to return the cumulative total number of hours (year to date) that students eligible for funding have received tutoring. You can do this from the Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Bulk Update National Tutoring Programme Hours page.

Click into the filters to select your date range and student group - by default this will show the current term and the lowest NC year group at your school but you can change this. We recommend setting the date range from the start of the academic year to census day so you can easily see the hours that will be reported in the census.



The page will then show you a list of students in that group who have been logged as having School Led Tutoring or National Tutoring Programme funding.

To add hours, tick the boxes next to the students you wish to log hours for, then click the Bulk action button and click Update National Tutoring Programme Hours.



In the slide over, select how many hours should be input into each week's column, and set the date range these hours should be applied for.



We'll then add the hours in the background, and give you a notification when this has been completed. You can refresh your page to see the updated hours.




If you've set your date range to be from the start of the year until census day, the number in the Total Hours column will be what is output in the census. Please note that because this is a week view, your census will include any hours that take place on the Friday after the census.



Delete hours or set to zero

To set any hours back to 0, use the bulk actions again and leave the hours field blank.




Can we update and report on funding for students in bulk?

Yes you can, you can see how to do this here: Adding top up funding to a student

You can see which students have been allocated each funding type using the bulk update page, or by using our custom report. You can see how to do this here: How can we check our numbers for funding for the census?

What if the hours each week is different?

To input hours for just one week, we recommend using the bulk action, and selecting the same week as the Start week and End week.

However, it's only the total hours up until census day that is output, not the data for each week. You can add any weekly numbers, as long as the number in the Total hours column is correct (with the date range set between September 1st and Census day).

Do we have to record this funding?

Recording these details are a requirement for the census.

  • Getting the recorded funding right will prevent error 4001, and query 4007Q
  • If you have recorded a student as being in receipt of funding, you must add their number of tuition hours to prevent error 4012.

Does funding migrate over from our previous MIS?

Please see this article: How do we migrate Student Funding?

Can we record less than a full hour or decimals?

Yes, you can input decimal numbers. Just be sure to use a point rather than a colon to show decimal hours. So for example for 30 minutes would be logged as 0.5 not 0:30.

The minimum amount accepted is 0.25 hours (15 minutes). This is rounded up to 0.5 hours in the census. Anything under 0.25 is rounded down to 0.

Why can't we record hours for half-term holidays?

Our Bulk Update page will only show dates in a term, not holiday weeks. However, because the only number returned in the census is the total number of hours for the students YTD, you can add in any number each week as long as the total is correct.

Can we record which staff have led the tutoring?

It isn't possible to record staffing details, as this is not a statutory requirement from the DfE. No data about tutoring staff is output in the census, so staffing won't affect the allocation of funding.

One way of recording these details on your site would be to set up an Intervention. Please note if using interventions you must also record the hours as they will not feed through from interventions.

I can't enter hours for next year?

This page relies on lessons scheduled. If you can't see a column for each week, you'll need to complete Step 6 of the New School Year Setup process.


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  • We have a school that needs to enter different hours for different weeks. How would you advise the quickest way to do this would be?

  • How can the school record differing hours per week for individual pupils please? many thanks, Jennie Davies

  • Hi Amanda and Jennie, you'll need to follow the instructions above. When selecting the dates in the slide over, select just one week to apply the number of hours for just that week.

  • Hi Gwen I am aware it can be done this way but that is very labor intensive for the school that have over 50 pupils that this is being recorded for and at the end of the day all the DfE want is the total amount of hours that the pupil has been given the tutoring for.

  • Hi Amanda, I'm sorry to hear that this isn't easy for your school. You're correct that it is only the cumulative hours that the DfE is collecting in the census. As such, you could choose to put in an average across all the weeks instead.

  • We are advised that we only put the hours in that the child attends, if they are absent we cannot record those hours. What is the most efficient way to do this? I have 98 children on my list and it will take forever to go into each individual child (using bulk update) to amend the hours.

  • Hi Julie, you can select more than one child at a time using the tick boxes, this should save time if you know some students have the same hours for the same date ranges.


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