How do we migrate student enrolment?

Enrolment in Arbor can be tricky to get to grips with due to similarly named things in your previous MIS. We recommend taking a look here for a quick introduction: Glossary of key terminology for enrolment, timetabling and registers

Enrolment into the school

We migrate student enrolments from SIMS, Bromcom, Integris, Progresso, ScholarPack and CMIS.

We migrate enrolment modes from SIMS, Bromcom, Integris, Progresso and ScholarPack. If you migrated from CMIS, you will need to add these: Adding guest students and changing enrolment modes

Enrolment into student groups

You may have previously used the term 'Teaching group'. In Arbor, we call these 'Courses'. TimeTabler also uses the term 'Teaching group' to refer to classes, so bear that in mind if you will be importing from TimeTabler.

We migrate Teaching Groups, plus the students and staff assigned to them from SIMS, Bromcom and Progresso into the 'Courses' area of Arbor.

Teaching Groups in Arbor instead refer to a way of quickly enrolling students who share the same classes into their registers. Students in Curriculum Groups in SIMS will have been migrated to Teaching Groups in Arbor.

Please note that:

  • No automatic enrolments are migrated, so if you have new students to add to groups, you will need to add them manually, or set up an automatic enrolment: Bulk enrol students to add them into lesson registers
  • We do not migrate information about past registration forms from ScholarPack, only information about what registration form the student is currently in this academic year.
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