Adding guest students and changing enrolment modes

Enrolment modes are used to log whether a student is only enrolled at your school, or is dual registered. They are also used to log when students are not officially enrolled in your institution but still attend (such as from a separate nursery).

Top Tips:

  • You need to set Enrolment Modes for students each academic year.
  • If no Enrolment mode is set, we will assume Single Registration for the Census.

Adding a guest student if they are not already on Arbor

To add guest pupils to your site if they are not already on Arbor, you will first need to add a student profile for each student. There are two ways to do this - manually adding each one, or importing a CTF.

  • If these students have been added only to record details for them and sign them up to clubs, for example, only enrol them into your school, not into year groups, registration forms or lesson registers.
  • If you want the students to have attendance marks taken for them, you will need to enrol the student into registers.
Option 1 - Importing a CTF

If you have been sent a Common Transfer File (CTF) from the student's previous school, you can see how to import the CTF and create the student on your site here.

Option 2 - Adding the student manually

To add a new student manually, go to Students > All Students > Add New Student.

This page loads a form so that a New Student can be added to the schools MIS. Add the basic details of the student on the form and click on Create Student. Their Student Profile will be created.




Marking the student as a guest student

The student isn't enrolled

On the student profile, click Enrolment from the left-hand side. In the School Enrolments section click +Add.



In the slide over, change the Enrolment mode to Guest Pupil, leave the rest of the fields, then click Enrol Student. This will not add them to registers.



The student is already enrolled

On the student profile, click Enrolment from the left-hand side. In the This year Enrolment Modes section click +Add.



In the slide over, change the Enrolment mode to Guest Pupil, change the dates to cover the whole academic year, then click Assign Enrolment Mode.



Other enrolment modes including Dual Registration

You can also set a student as dual-registered, or amend a student's enrolment mode from the same place. If an enrolment mode isn't selected, the student will be presumed to be single registered in your school. The options are:

  • Dual Registration (Main)
  • Dual Registration (Subsidiary)
  • FE College
  • Guest Pupil
  • Other Provider
  • Single Registration


Amending an existing enrolment mode

You can change an existing enrolment mode from the student's profile.

  1. Click Enrolment in the left-hand menu and scroll to the Enrolment Modes section.
  2. Click on the current enrolment mode and click Edit.
  3. Click into the Enrolment Mode drop-down to select the new mode from the list.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Not sure which option to choose?

Not sure which option to choose for Dual Registered students?

  • Dual Registration - Main - you should use this if the student spends the majority of their time at your school. 
  • Dual Registration - Subsidiary - you should use this if your student spends less of their time at your school than they do the other school they attend. 
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