Do we migrate Behaviour Points, Incidents and Achievement?

Behaviour Points

We don't migrate behaviour point awards into Arbor from your previous MIS provider. This means that if you stored positive behaviour as Achievement in SIMS (for example Star of the Week Awards), this will not be migrated to Arbor.

Please see our guidance here if you wish to log behaviour points from your previous system: How can we log Historic behaviour points?

Behaviour incidents

We migrate logs of behaviour incidents from SIMS, Integris, Progresso and CMIS, so if you used behaviour incidents to track positive and negative behaviour, these will both have migrated.

SIMS Behaviour Initiatives will migrate into Behaviour Notes.

However, we don't migrate things associated with incidents, such as follow-ups or actions taken.

Logging historic incidents

This article explains how to add incidents if you want to log past positive incidents: Logging, editing and resolving Behaviour Incidents

Please note that when logging behaviour incidents, you can only select current students and groups. This means you won't be able to select:

  • Students who have left your school
  • Groups of students (such as year groups, registration forms or Custom Groups of students from last academic year)

You can only add historical incidents for students who have or had an enrolment into the current academic year.

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