Awarding Behaviour Points

Behaviour points can be awarded for positive or negative behaviour on Arbor. 

There are a few different ways to record behaviour points on Arbor which we will cover here.

When logging points you need to include:

  • Who you are awarding the point to - this can be an individual student or a group
  • The reason
  • The points being awarded or taken away

Additional notes can be added including the time, location, staff who gave the points, as well as linking it to the lesson students were in at the time.

You can also upload a file, e.g. evidence such as a photo or copy of a piece of work too.


Via Quick Actions

Click the orange Quick Actions button on your homepage on the left-hand side. 



Update the slide over with the details, then click Award/Deduct points.



Via Favourite Links

You can record a point via your Favourite Links menu by clicking on the Behaviour option.



Click Behaviour Points > Recent from the left-hand menu, then click the green Award/deduct points button.



Via the Student Profile

On a student profile, click Behaviour from the left-hand menu, taking you to their behaviour summary. Click on the 'Behaviour Points' tab and click '+Add' on the Behaviour Points table.



Via a Lesson Dashboard

You may already be viewing a lesson through the lesson dashboard of your class (the page you use to take the register and see class and student details).

On the lesson dashboard, there are three ways you can record points – either click the orange Behaviour button to get a drop-down menu, click the grey button, or tick the names of the students involved and click the little blue pencil on the Students panel.


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