Invalid credentials error message when setting up API integrations

If you're setting up an API connection using your MAT MIS account, you might get an 'Invalid credentials' or 'You are not authorized to approve apps on behalf of your school' error message.

In these circumstances, please check the following details:

  • If you’re using Two-factor authentication or Single sign-on with two-factor authentication at your school or MAT, you'll need to switch this off before you can approve new apps. Please disable two-factor authentication, approve the new apps then switch two-factor authentication. 
  • Please also make sure that you have an account set up for you on each school site with the School: User Accounts: Administer permission (usually included with the School Administrator business role).
  • You also need to have logged into the school MIS account at least once and accepted the Terms & Conditions.


You may also receive this message which is symptomatic of the same issue relating to two-factor authentication, above.


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