Arbor's Third-Party API Integrations

Arbor can integrate with a large number of third-party applications, and our current integrations are listed below.

We'd recommend contacting the third-party company directly if you have any queries around what their Arbor integration allows for within their software.

Key to Integration Statuses

In Use: At least one Arbor school is actively using this integration.

Integrated: The partner has an integration with Arbor (potentially via a Data Provider), but we cannot confirm whether it is currently in use.

Implementation: Either Arbor or the partner is currently working on developing an integration.

On Roadmap: We are planning on working on an integration with this partner as part of our scheduled Product Roadmap work.

In discussion: We're currently speaking to the company around potentially integrating.

Contacted - No integration planned: We've been in touch with the company, and they've told us that at this point they don't have any plans to integrate with Arbor.

Key to Integration Types

API: We have a direct API connection with the partner.

MIS Feature: We have a built-in feature within Arbor that enables data to be shared with the partner (this may be a manual export).

Sync via 'x' e.g. Sync Via Wonde or Groupcall: Our link with the partner is provided by the listed third-party.

Sync via Data Provider: We have a link with the partner, but you'll need to confirm with them the exact third-party they are using to extract data from Arbor.

CRW: You'll need to create a Custom Report in Arbor to export data, in order to import this into the partner's software.

CTF Export: You'll need to export a CTF file from Arbor in order to import student data into the partner's software.

What does One Way or Two Way mean?

one-way integration only permits the movement of data in one direction. The data will be extracted from Arbor by the integrated partner - no information will be put into Arbor from the third party application. All integrations that are synced by Assembly, Groupcall and Wonde are one-way integrations.

A two-way integration allows data to flow in both directions - from Arbor to the third party, and into Arbor from the third party application. You'll be able to view the specific write (update) and/or delete access that the application has to your Arbor data before you approve the integration.

What does Read or Write mean?

When setting up an integration, you'll see if an application wants to 'read' or 'write' data.

A read integration means the third party application pulls information from Arbor, to make use of this within their software:

  • The third party application chooses what information to pull out of Arbor.
  • Any changes to the information being read need to be made by the third party application - please contact them if you're unsure on what information is being pulled.
  • If an application has a read integration, no information will be edited in Arbor.

A write integration means the third party application can edit data in Arbor (such as Inventry or Edval):

  • Changes are made in the third party application and pushed into Arbor.
  • We will have developed the write integration with the third party application - if you'd like to change what information is written back to Arbor, please contact the third party application. They will contact us if changes are needed.

For both types of integrations, the sync frequency is determined by the third party application - please contact them for information on how often syncs of data occur.

How do I connect with a company/partner on your list?

If you'd like to integrate your Arbor site with a company/partner that has the Integration Type of API or Sync via..., you should contact the company in the first instance to let them know you are using Arbor and that you'd like to set up the integration. You can then follow the instructions in this article to move through the setup process.

Why can't I see a company on your list?

If a company isn't displayed on the list below, we've not had any contact with them regarding an integration. If you'd like a company or application to integrate with us, but can't find them on the list, please direct them to this article: How can we set up our own API Integration with Arbor?

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  • Hi Arbor, useful page, thank you. I'm interested in knowing if it's possible to have an integration between SISRA Observe and Arbor? Would this be the same process as with SISRA analytics? Many thanks, Caroline

  • Hi Caroline Boreham, the current SISRA guidance we have is purely for their Analytics system. We've spoken to SISRA and are currently looking into creating some templates for SISRA Observe - it should be possible for Arbor to provide the minimum details required, but these may require some manual tweaking in Excel after being exported from Arbor.

    We should have an article with guidance relating to SISRA Observe ready in next couple of weeks. I'll pop a further reply on here once it has gone live.

  • Hi Caroline Boreham, I just wanted to let you know that our guidance around SISRA Observe templates has now been released. You can find the article here. Sorry this took a little longer than anticipated!

  • Hi Craig, Thanks so much, really helpful. I've alerted the UL schools currently using SISRA Observe. 


  • can I download the above list?

    Thank you

  • Hi Samantha, I'm afraid it isn't possible to download this list as we want to make sure you have access to the most up to date version. I'd recommend bookmarking this page to return to it.

  • I have contacted one of the companies listed above and they have advised that they do not currently have a formal link or compatibility with other systems so it will not be possible to integrate. They are listed above with the status 'in use', does this mean we cannot link with them?

  • Hi Nicola Pearson, please could you let us know which company you've been in contact with, via our email address? We can then reach out to them to confirm the current integration status and update the spreadsheet accordingly.

    Many thanks!

  • Hi Craig, 

    Is this on a Google sheet? If so can I have the link so can add it to our "how to"


  • Hi Ian, the spreadsheet is above. If you need to link to this, please link to this article.

  • Hello, where it has 'No integration planned', is this not planned by you or the partner? I understand that our council are now using Servelec instead on CapitaOne and still need attendance data somehow. Thanks

  • Hi Tim, for most integrations, it's that the team over at the third party application have decided not to build an integration with us, or haven't had any schools request an integration yet. Please get in touch with the third party you'd like to use to ask whether an integration might be possible.

  • Hi Tim Goodman, the 'No integration planned' status is added when we've spoken to the partner and they don't have any plans to work on an integration with us.

    With regards to Servelec, we support an integration for student/attendance data with an increasing number of councils/LAs. Your council will likely need to contact Servelec for guidance on getting an Arbor integration in place, and then contact us via to get set up.


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