Why is the number of students in the class showing as 0?

In some areas of Arbor, such as in My Items > My Classes, student numbers won't include students who's enrolments haven't started yet, so may show as 0.

In this example, I've selected to see my classes for next year. Since the next year hasn't yet started, there are no students with a current enrolment. This number will change once the student enrolments begin.



To check the numbers as they will be, you can either:

  • click Enrolment and click More Information in the slide over.
  • go to School > Programmes > Courses and select the bottom-level course.



Students with a future enrolment into the class won't show in the Enrolled Students section. However, if you scroll down a bit further, you can see the Future Students who will be in this class, and the total at the bottom of this section.



You'll also be able to use the School > Programmes > Courses > Table view page to see enrolment numbers.


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