How do Cashless Catering payments show in Arbor?

Once you've set up the integration with Civica or Live Register, all incoming transactions will have the Payment Method and Narrative set to Cashless Catering System so you can identify where the transactions have come from.

Any payment invoices that have been generated by the Cashless Catering system will appear on the Payments > Account Overview page on Student and Staff profiles.



Clicking on a purchase will show you a list of the items purchased.



You can also see more examples for each type of transaction below.


When a sale is made via the Cashless Catering System, an invoice will be generated in Arbor covering the amount that the student or staff member has been charged for their purchase.

In the Cashless Catering system, each item is usually recorded as a separate sale and will therefore appear as a separate invoice in Arbor.    



Account top-ups made via the Cashless Catering system (e.g. via on-site top-up machines) appear alongside account top-ups made in Arbor.


Credit Notes

If a purchase is refunded in the Cashless Catering system, it will appear in Arbor as a Credit Note, with the amount added back onto the account balance.

Manual positive adjustments made in the Cashless Catering system will also appear as a Credit Note in Arbor, alongside any credit notes created in Arbor.



If a top-up within the Cashless Catering system is refunded, it will appear in Arbor as a Refund, alongside any refunds made in Arbor.


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