Errors 2830 and 2850

2830 and 2850 are COLLECT-only errors, meaning they won't flag in Arbor. However, you'll still need to resolve them to be able to submit your census.

  • Error 2830: The learning aim start date is after the learning aim approval end date. Pupils should not be enrolled on learning aims that are no longer approved for new enrolments. Please check you have the correct QAN for the course.
  • Error 2850: The learning aim start date is after the date that certification for this qualification closed.

These errors flag in COLLECT when the QAN you've input for the Programme of Study is no longer relevant. In Arbor, you will need to add updated QAN for the relevant subjects.

  1. Go to School > School Structure > Programmes of Study.
  2. Click on the relevant programme that needs updating.
  3. Click into the Linked Qualification Award section.
  4. Either link an award from the Examinations area, or update the Placeholder QAN.

If you are unsure of the new QAN codes needed, please contact the Awarding Organisation or the DfE.

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