Seeing students who are In Year Admissions

In Year Admissions are students who started their enrolment more than one week after the start date of the autumn term.

Seeing the list of students

To view a list of these students, go to Students > Demographics > Derived Indicators and select Educational Needs.



Click into the filters to select In Year Admission.

You can also choose to chow the inverse of the demographic - in this example it would show you everyone who was not admitted late.



You can see a list of students, including their name, year groups, registration form and the dates the start and stop being this demographic.

You can download the table, or click on a student to see more details, or jump to their profile.



An in year admission isn't in the list

If you don't see a student you're expecting, check their enrolment. Go to the Enrolment section of their student profile and check the start date of the enrolment into your school.



Now check the start date of your year by going to School > School Structure > Academic Years. Select the year and check the start date of the year.

In this example, the student was enrolled 5 days after the start of school, which is before the 7 days needed to be classed as an In Year Admission.


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