Error 3211

Error 3211: High-level SEN or disability (HSD) is given as the basis for funding, but the pupil does not have an EHC plan. Where Funding Basis equals ‘HSD’ then SENProvision must equal 'E'.

You can check the student's funding basis by going to Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Bulk Update Funded Hours. Click the student's name and check the Funding Basis field.

  • If High-level SEN or disability is set, you should record an EHC plan.
  • If this is incorrect, remove this funding basis.



If the Funding Basis is set to High-level SEN or disability is set, you should record a SEN status of E. This is done by adding an SEN status of Education, Health and Care Plan - you can see how to do this here: SEN Statuses

Please note that if the student is still undergoing assessment, you will need to contact the DfE for further guidance.


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