Change Staff for Guardian Consultations

When creating and amending guardian consultations, you can change the attending staff member(s) to both add or remove users from scheduled meetings.


You'll need the Guardian Consultations: Administer permission to perform these changes. If you do not have this permission, you can ask your admin team to assign it to you using these instructions.


Before amending the Guardian Consultation

Please ensure the required staff member is listed as being available for the required meeting duration. Please see the instructions here on how to check this: Bulk Set Staff Availability.


Go to Students > Parents & Guardians > Guardian Consultations and select the consultation. Select the staff member.



Tick the box next to each meeting and once you are happy with the meetings selected, use the Bulk Action button to select Change Staff Member(s).

You will then be asked to choose which attending staff member you would like to change to for the selected meetings. Once this has been selected, please click Change Staff



What's next?

Once the correct staff members have been added, check the other aspects of setting up a guardian consultation has been checked including timings and availabilities.

See our article on how to manage and roll out a guardian consultation here: Setting Up Parents Evenings (Guardian Consultations)

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