Why can't a slot be booked for a Guardian Consultation?

This article covers troubleshooting tips that you may need when using Guardian Consultations.


You'll need the Guardian Consultations: Administer to perform the steps below - if you don't have this permission you can ask your team to assign it to you using these instructions.

Things to check

Check the signup times

To allow guardians to book a slot through the Parent Portal or Parent App, you will have needed to set a self-scheduling period when setting up the guardian consultation. Guardians will not be able to book a slot until the self-scheduling period is open.



To edit or add a self-scheduling period, click into the guardian consultation and click the Self-scheduling period field.


Check the staff availability

You'll need to add when staff will be available to attend guardian consultation meetings to enable parents to book a slot through the Parent Portal or Parent App. Add this from the Staff Availability section.


Check the staff member's profile

Check if the staff member has an absence or event scheduled at the same time as their parents evening meeting times.

To check for events, navigate to the staff members profile page and click on Calendar on the left side. Select Day view on the top right to be able to see all events or lessons that have been set for the exact same times.

Please note that if the event is a trip, you won't be able to remove staff participation in the trip. To remove staff from the trip, please contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

Events are shown in orange. If the staff member has an event scheduled, then this would need to be deleted to restore available bookable slots. For more guidance on events, please check out our guide on Creating and Managing Events.



To check for absences, navigate to the staff members profile page and click on Absences on the left side. Click into the absence to amend the date range so it doesn't overlap with your Guardian Consultation.




There are multiple teachers assigned to a slot

If meetings are linked to two members of staff (if teachers have a job share or a Teaching Assistant is also assigned as an academic lead) and one of them has another event in their calendar, such as an absence or lesson, the meetings won't have any bookable slots for the period the absence covers.

You'll need to follow these instructions: Remove multiple teachers or staff from Guardian Consultation meetings

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