Report on In-House Exam Results in the Custom Report Writer

You can report on In-house exam results using the Custom Report Writer


You'll need the General Admin: Export Data permission to create and manage your reports. If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

What you'll need to complete first

You'll add a results report column in Step 3 of creating your custom report, so you'll need to complete Steps 1 & 2 first.


When you get to Step 3, you'll need to add the In House Exam Result report column by clicking and dragging the column to the right-hand side.


On the slide-over, you can select Academic Year, In House Exam and the In House Exam Instance then click Save.

You can add more columns to your report and continue through the rest of the steps to complete your report or select Skip Setup Wizard to skip to the last step where you can click Save & View Report.

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