In-house exams in timetables

In-house exam timetables are generated in the same way, and from the same place as external exams. You can see how this is done here: Creating, printing and sharing candidate exam timetables

Can we exclude in-house exams from timetables?

No, it is not possible to exclude in-house exams from your timetables.

If they take place at different times of the year, you can try changing the date range to only include the exams ran at a certain time, which may exclude your in-house exams.

Can we print timetables for just our in-house exams?

Yes, remove all series from the Series box to only include In-house exams in your timetables.

Top Tip: You will need to have added students as in-house candidates to generate timetables with in-house exams: Set up your In-house exam candidates

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