Report on Formative Curriculum Assessments in the Custom Report Writer

You can report on your formative curriculum assessments using the Custom Report Writer.


  • School: General Admin: Export Data - create a report
  • Students: Assessments: View All/My Students or School: Curriculum: Administer - see assessment data for students

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Creating the report

To create a report of your curriculum mastery, or marks just create a report as shown in this article.

During step 3, type 'curriculum' into the box. You can then click and drag over to the right to report on:

  • Curriculum Mastery %
  • Curriculum Mastery Mark
  • Curriculum Average Mastery %
  • Curriculum Average Mark
  • Curriculum Completion
  • Overall Curriculum Grade
  • % of students with an average curriculum mark
  • % of students with a curriculum mastery
  • Curriculum Mark (By Statement) - report on the latest statement mark to the given date.
  • Curriculum Mark (By Module) - report on the average mark of a module or submodule to the given date.

You can see more information on mastery and calculations here: How is Curriculum Mastery calculated?



In this example, I'm looking at the specific marks for a certain area of the assessment.



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