Target analysis - see percentages of students with certain targets using the Custom Report Writer

You can create a custom report of the distribution of student's targets in your assessments by creating a report from School > Custom Report Writer.

Click to create a new blank report. Add a title, and select that your report is about Students.



Next, choose the date range of your report. This will determine which students will be pulled into your report.

In this example, I only want to include students who are currently enrolled, so I'll select today. This will automatically update your report each day.



Next, search for the target column you'll need, and click and drag it over to your list of columns. You can use year target or final target, but not period targets.

This will be the % of students who have a year target below, at or above a specific grade column. 



In the slide over, select in this order, the:

  • Label - This will default to a long title so it's a good idea to rename this
  • Academic year - When the assessment took place
  • Stage/Scale - The grade scale the assessment uses
  • Assessment(s) - Choose the assessment to analyse. We recommend choosing one to make the analysis simpler.
  • Grade set - The grade set the assessment uses



Next, choose what targets will contribute to the total:

  • Comparison operator - Choose whether to count targets Below, At or below, At, At or above or Above the grade selected
  • Grade - Select the grade to count
  • Calculation method - Choose how many assessments contribute to the total. If you've only selected one assessment, you can choose in all assessments
  • Format - Select whether to show the number as a percentage of children or number to count the number of children
  • Summary row formula - This will display an average by default, but if you are looking at the numbers rather than a percentage, change this to Sum



Once you have added the column for each of your available grades, click to skip the seup wizard. This is quicker than working through the steps.

In the Groupings section, add your student group grouping, for example, year group, and click Add Grouping.



Click to save and view your report. You can then see the percentage of students who have been given each target. You can then share it with other staff or download it to excel, PDF or live feed.



Want to also look at the numbers of students in each group? Just add more columns!

Click to edit your report and add in the same column, this time choosing the format as the Raw Number of students. 




You'll then also be able to see the numbers of students in your report.


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