Query 1601Q

Please check: Pupil's age is out of range for school type.

The student is below or above the age range for the school's phase. You can amend the phase in the School Details page or the student's age in their profile. Check the student's age and that it is correct.

Not sure what your school phase is? You can check on the DfE's Get Information About Schools site. Just check the Age Range and School Phase section.


Please note: If you have a student who is currently the right age to attend your school but who wasn't in the age range earlier in the year this may cause this query to appear. 

For example, in the Summer census, if you were a primary school (with the age range 2-11) and you had a student who turned 2 just before the Summer census but who would have been under 2 years old on the reference date used by the DfE then this query would appear on your Arbor. You will need to give a reason for this when you submit a note to Collect. 

Check the DfE's School census acceptable notepad entries document for more information about what notes to enter and what dates the DfE has specified for each term. 

The specific dates outlined by the DfE are: 

  • Autumn - age as at 31st August
  • Spring - age as at 31st December
  • Summer - age at of 31st March
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