Can I produce a Venn diagram of data in Arbor?

Lots of schools use Venn Diagrams for different reasons. Although you won't be able to generate a visual Venn diagram chart, you can access the data and analysis in a different format.

For producing graphs and charts you have a few options:

  • Built-in analysis tools - You can see more about printing our in-built graphs (such as in Assessments) here: Can I print the out-of-the-box graphs and charts in Arbor?
  • Live feeds - Click the Download button at the top of any table to create a Live Feed to Google Sheets, Excel or Power BI. More guidance here.
  • Excel - Click the Download button at the top of any table to download your data as an Excel file which you can generate charts from.

Additionally for assessments, School Assessment Measures can be set up to display the students that would fit into different segments of your Venn diagram - you just need to know what groups you want to track and set them up:

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