Which Custom Reports Writer reports can I send communications from?

After creating a custom report, you can use the data in your report to send out communications using the Send Mail Merge button. You can see how to do this here: Using a Custom Report to create Merge Fields



However, not all types of custom reports have this option. You can only use this feature when creating a report about these topics:

  • Students
  • Parents, Guardians and Contacts
  • Staff
  • Staff Absence
  • Students Involved in Behavioural Incidents
  • Suspensions
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medical Events
  • SEN Events
  • SEN Notes
  • Course Enrolments
  • Course Leads
  • Programme Enrolments

You can also send communications out using the bulk actions in some custom reports, but these communications won't use the data from your report. You can only use this feature when you've created a report about Students.


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