Can Arbor Support help parents and guardians directly?

To safeguard student data in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we only work directly with schools. This is because the school is the Data Controller who manages the data logged on their site.

  • Parents should contact their school if they have any questions about Arbor, the Parent App or Parent Portal.
  • If a parent contacts Arbor Support, they will be directed back to their school.

Supporting guidance

For more guidance on setting up and managing the parent portal from the school side, take a look at the Admin section of our Help Centre here: Parent Portal and Parent App for Admin

We have loads of articles for parents and guardians on The Help Centre - guardians can be directed to these, or sent an email with the URL link.

Parents can also access this section of the Help Centre by clicking Help in their Parent Portal or Parent App!

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What should a guardian send to the school if there's an issue?

Parents should not contact Arbor directly, as we won’t be able to make changes to their data. Schools should attempt to support parents wherever possible.

If more support is needed, the school can contact Arbor Support or their Support Provider directly. To enable Arbor to support the school, as much information should be provided as possible.

Please pass these details on:

  • The mobile device type and model, e.g. iPhone 14
  • The operating system that the device is running, e.g. iOS 16
  • If it is the Parent App or the Parent Portal being used
  • If logging in is possible for both the Parent Portal and the Parent App, or only via and not the Parent App
  • Screenshots or a screen recording of the issues or error messages, including text of the actual error message. For example, on an iPhone SE, you can enable this on your control panel by going to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls.
  • If using the Parent Portal, which browser was used. See our supported browsers
  • If the logging in for the first time steps have been completed.
  • If there is more than one child that attends the school, or used to attend.
  • If there are children that attend multiple Arbor schools, or used to attend.
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