How can teachers take the meal register?

Taking the meal register

You can take the Meal register to decide which meal each student should be given. What appears here depends on your school's setup: 

  • If students are added only as Attendees to the meal, the students will appear on this page - you'll need to add in their meal choice for the day.
  • If students have regular meal choices, these choices will populate on this page.
  • If your school has set up Rotating Meal Menus and the parent has chosen a meal for their child, these choices will populate on this page. If they didn't choose, you can add the child's meal.

Just go to the Lesson Dashboard of your AM class and select Meal Choices from the left-hand menu.

To choose or change meal choices you can either tick the students to mark and select a bulk mark option, or click into a Meal Choice to edit it.



Top Tip: If your school has Meal Menus enabled, you'll see an extra column for Provision label which will show the actual meal taken. When using the Bulk actions, you can select the actual meal for the day.



When should we take the meal register?

Meal registers open at 4 am each day, so you'll be able to see and edit meal choices in your registers at any point.

However, please note though that the Meal Choices selected for students will automatically be based on the attendance mark given to the student in the attendance register:

  • Present - Meal choice will be set to the student's default meal choice, or not filled in if there is no meal choice.
  • Absent - The absent meal choice will be selected if this is set up.

Changing the attendance mark in the register from present to absent, or absent to present will automatically change the meal register choice. You'll need to amend this again if it has overwritten the previous choice.

Because of this, we recommend taking the meal register after you take the attendance register.

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