Why can't users log into Arbor?

You can see the reasons why any user cannot access your school site. If you click on the User Details section of a staff, guardian, or student profile you will be able to see why that user's profile cannot be logged into.


The following permissions will allow you to view this information on staff, guardian, or student profiles:

  • School: General Admin: Administer
  • School: User Accounts: View
  • Staff Profile: User Details: Administer
  • Staff Profile: User Details: View

What are the potential reasons for not being able to log in?

The following list details all of the reasons that Arbor will flag a profile as potentially experiencing log in issues:

  • The user doesn't have an email address (all user types).
  • There is another user in the list with the same email address (all user types).
  • The user account has been disabled (all user types).
  • The user is a staff member and doesn't have an active business role or active permission (staff users only).
  • The user is a guardian and isn't a primary guardian of an enrolled student (guardian users only).
  • The user is a student and doesn't have active enrolment at the school (student users only).
  • The parent portal isn't enabled.
  • The student portal isn't enabled.

Viewing and resolving login issues

When you click into User Details on a profile, you will see a red error message if there are any potential causes for login issues. If all necessary data is present, then you will not see any error message as the user will be able to log in.

You can then click the provided links to either go to the relevant Help Centre article on rectifying the issue, or straight to the field where the issue is coming from. For example, if a guardian cannot log in due to not having an email address, clicking the link will show a pop-up window where you can enter that information.

Once the issue has been resolved, the error message will disappear.

Further troubleshooting advice

The staff member hasn't received a login or reset password email

You can see how to fix this here: Email isn't being sent, or is sent to the wrong email address   

Staff is asked to add a student date of birth

If the staff member is asked for a child's date of birth, this means the email address has been used on a guardian profile - perhaps they used to have a child who attended the school.

You would need to make sure that the staff member's guardian profile does not have the same email address as their staff profile.

To check this, go to the guardian profile and click on their email address in the Contact Details section of their profile. From here, click Edit and then input a separate email address.

If the user does not have another email address to use, you can delete the email address and ask the user to log into the guardian profile using their non-email username; This can be found in the User Details section of the guardian profile when the email address has been deleted, but please note that the guardian would need a direct link to your school site to access Arbor using the username. Just copy and paste your school's homepage and send it to the guardian to allow access. 

Check the browser and page

Ensure they are using Google Chrome.

Make sure the site address is as follows: https://[yourschoolname].uk.arbor.sc


Check login details

Check the login details and ensure that the username is the email address used for Arbor.



Add a work email in the Contact Details section (if it's missing). Make sure their work email is set as the default - click the email and edit the slide over. This will be their username for logging in.


Check Business Roles 

Check the staff member has an active business role set on their staff profile. Make sure the end date is set to ongoing, or is in the future - you can click it to edit it.



If they don't have a business role, they won't have access, and will see a message saying "You don't have permission to access Arbor".


Check their password reset hasn't expired

Make sure the password email was sent less than 96 hours ago. If it was sent more than 96 hours ago, the link will have expired and will need to be sent again.


Check they're using the right link to log in

Make sure they are not clicking the link in their reset password email. If they are clicking this link, they should visit the main login page instead.


Clear cookies and cache

It may be that you need to refresh your browser in order to get onto Arbor. To do this, you need to clear the cache - click here for instructions on clearing your cache.

If this doesn't work, you can then clear the cookies for Arbor - click here to see instructions on how to do this for the most widely used browsers.  Please note you will need to delete Arbor cookies and might need to search for these as instructed.

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