Editing Arbor's Password Rules

The Password Rules page allows you to specify how user profile passwords are to be set up for security purposes. 

School> Users and Security > Select Password Rules from the left-hand menu



Here you will see the options to set password rules for Students, Teachers and Other user profiles.

Click on 'Edit Rules' under the user group you would like to apply a password rule too.

A slide over will appear where you can enter the rules you wish to apply.


Rules that can be applied:

Requires number - when ticked, this field indicates that the password should include a numerical figure

Requires letter - when ticked, this field indicates that the password should include at least one letter character

Requires mixed case - when ticked, this indicates that the password requires at least one lowercase and one uppercase letter

Min length - this compulsory field indicates the minimum number of characters the password should be set up as

Days valid - this field specifies the time-frame of the password's validity, following which a new password needs to be set up

Once the appropriate settings on Password Rules have been made, click on Save Changes button to activate. 


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