Editing Arbor's Password Rules

The Password Rules page allows you to specify how user passwords are set up for security purposes, including how often users are asked to change their password and rules for formatting a password. 

To edit the rules, go to School > Users and Security and select Users > Password Rules from the left-hand menu. Here you will see the options to set password rules for Students, Teachers and Other (guardian) user profiles.



To edit the rules, click the Edit Rules button. A slide over will appear where you can enter the rules you wish to apply.

  • Requires number/ Requires letter/Requires mixed case - These settings determine what a user's password must include. When choosing a password, it needs to fulfil this criterion. Number and letter are required for staff profiles, but not for student or guardian profiles.
  • Min length - This compulsory field indicates the minimum number of characters a password needs to be. Minimum 7, maximum 16.
  • Days valid - Users will be prompted to change their password after the number of days specified has passed. It is not possible to have passwords that do not expire. No minimum, maximum 730 days/2 years.

Once you set the rules, click Save Changes.


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