Which URL page should users log in from?

There are two different pages that users of your site (staff, guardians or students) can log in from:

  • The general page - the URL for this is the same for all schools and MATs, and is https://login.arbor.sc/. You can only login with your email address from here.
  • The site-specific page - this URL is different for each site e.g. http://[exampleschoolname].uk.arbor.sc. Sending someone the URL of your homepage will take them to the login page for your site. You can login with your non-email username from here.

Please note that MAT users wanting to log in to school sites cannot use the school site-specific login page. They need to follow this process.



Login pages and SSO

If your school uses Google or Microsoft Single Sign-On, this will not affect the way students or guardians can log in. They should log in using their username/email address and password (as they cannot use SSO).

It may be confusing to see the Log in with... button. As such, schools often prefer to send students and guardians to the generic login page, and staff to the specific login page to log in from if SSO is enabled.



Login pages and multiple site accounts

When using the general login page, if you have an account on multiple sites, you need to select which site to log into. This can take longer than just going to the bookmarked site-specific page you want.

If there are sites in the list that someone no longer wishes to appear, the user would need to contact that School or MAT as the data controller.


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