FSM taken - Error 1320

Free meals taken exceeds total eligible pupils.



To avoid errors such as 1320 in your census, make sure you've recorded the right number in the Free Meals Taken section of the Meals page on your census.



Make sure the number you are recording in this section includes:

  • Any students who are Free School Meals in year 3 or above
  • Any students who are Free School Meals and who are also entitled to Universal Free School Meals.

Do not include any students who are in receipt of free meals due to the Universal Infant Free School Meal entitlement only. For example,  if you have a Year 2 student who is currently UFSM but will not be eligible for FSM in Year 3, you would not count this student.

You can see more details on what to include in this number on the DfE’s website, or in the DfE’s technical specification.

To amend the FSM taken number, just click this number and update the slide over.



Once you regenerate your census, error 1320 should be resolved. However, if you are still getting this error, this will be due to not having logged the right students as Free School Meals. 

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