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Behaviour Analysis - Reporting on incidents, detentions, exclusions and suspensions

This article will got through some of the different areas for reporting on Behaviour at a high level. You can see more details on reporting as a teacher here.


  • Students: Behaviour: View All/My Students and School: General Admin: Administer - access the Behaviour by Department page
  • Recorded Behaviour dashboard: View all - access the Recorded Behaviour by Staff Member 

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Behaviour by Department

From the Department Dashboard

You can view a breakdown of behaviour on a departmental level by going to School > School Structure > Departments.



Select the department, then select Behaviour from the left-hand menu. This will take you to the department’s Behaviour Dashboard.

Please note: this feature is only available for a department if you have linked it to courses. To find out how to do this, take a look at this article.



From this page, you can click through the top tabs to view the behaviour data linked to the department including, IncidentsPoint AwardsDetentions and Exclusions.

Clicking the filter bar will allow you to change the date range of the behaviour data so you can report on bespoke time periods, e.g. the last week, last term or whole academic year.



Behaviour by Staff Member

From the Recorded Behaviour page

You can track how many points and incidents are being logged by each of your staff members on our School > All Staff > Recorded Behaviour page.



By default, you can see the five staff members who have recorded the most incidents or points in a chart, or use the filters to select different staff or filter by severity, behaviour or location! 



From the Behaviour section

Reporting on Incidents

Go to Student > Behaviour > Incidents > Reporting. Here you can report on a particular list of incidents, according to the selected settings.



Clicking on the filters at the top of the table you can choose the start/end date, student cohort and display type of the report.



Top Tip: You can choose to display multiple things in the report such as the narrative (note for the incident) and follow-up actions taken.




To help you compare behaviour across different student demographics and year groups, we've added more "Group by" and "Also Group By" options. This allows you to report on "vs" demographics (e.g. FSM vs non-FSM).




You can filter to only see incidents of a certain severity level too!



Clicking on the cell with the student's name will take you to the incident summary.



Reporting on Detentions

Go to Student > Behaviour > Detentions > Report. 



Clicking on the filters at the top of the table you can choose the start/end date, student cohort and display type of the detentions report.



Clicking on the cell with the student's name will take you to the Behaviour summary within their Student Profile.

Clicking on any other cell in the table will generate a slide over.



Click on 'More Information' to reach the detention overview. Here you can Take Action or delete the detention if necessary.



Reporting on Suspensions

The Statistics page in Students > Behaviour > Suspensions > Statistics allows you to create and export statistical reports on suspensions, according to the selected settings.



Clicking on settings lets you choose the start/end date of the reporting period and also lets you group suspensions by certain demographics/groups of students such as by registration form.



You can filter this report to only look at students with a certain number of suspensions.



When viewing the Statistics report by Student, tick the boxes beside their names to take further actions.

Clicking on a student's name will direct you their Behaviour summary on their Student Profile.





Internal Exclusions

Internal exclusions can be accessed by navigating to Students > Behaviour > Internal Exclusions.

The Daily Attendance page

The Daily Attendance page allows you to view and administer the internal exclusions taking place that day. 



By clicking on the internal exclusion you can add students or staff, or click More information to go to the Internal Exclusion session page.



On this page you can:

  • Open and reopen the attendance register
  • Manage behaviour incidents
  • Review the details surrounding the student’s internal exclusions
  • Add staff members to the internal exclusion
  • Add notes and attachments
  • Cancel the internal exclusion session if attendance has not yet been taken


The Overview page

The Overview page allows you to view a report of all the internal exclusions that have taken place over a set time period.



The filters allow you to select the date range, student groups and the internal exclusion type you would like to view. Click on the grey bar at the top of the page to access the filter settings.


The Statistics page

The Statistics page displays the total number of internal exclusions and allows the user to implement groupings such as by student, sex, ethnicity etc. It also shows the number of hours a student has spent outside of normal lessons, and the type of internal exclusion.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 16.58.30.png


You can filter your report to only look at students with a certain number.


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