UPN Errors (1500, 1510, 1520, 1530, 1540, 1550)

1500- UPN missing

UPN (Unique Pupil Number) must be present. The student has a missing UPN.  This can be added by going on students profile and entering the UPN.



1510- UPN/ Former UPN invalid (wrong check letter in character 1)

  1. To calculate the check letter:
    Multiply the individual digits by their weights so multiply the second digit by 2 etc.
  2. For digit 13, substitute the character with its corresponding number in the list below.
  3. Add the results of each multiplication.
  4. Take away 23 until you are left with a number less than 23.
  5. Calculate the check letter from the result as follows:

A=0, B=1, C=2, D=3, E=4, F=5, G=6, H=7 (Skip I)

Then J=8, K=9, L=10, M=11, N=12 (Skip O)

Then P=13, Q=14, R=15  (Skip S)

Then T=16, U=17, V=18, W=19, X=20, Y=21, Z=22

Then Amend the UPN

E.g. for an incorrect UPN of B207000016049, you would calculate:


Once you take away 23 11 times you are left with 13. This means the check letter should be Q.

You would Amend the UPN to be Q207000016049.


1520- More than one pupil record with the same UPN

Each pupil's UPN must be unique across all pupils (including both Pupils On Roll and Pupils No Longer on Roll)

From the Student Profile, copy the UPN of the student who is being flagged with this error.

Paste into the search bar and see if multiple students come up with this UPN. If they do, check the UPN of each student carefully, and update as necessary.


1530- UPN invalid/ Former UPN invalid (characters 2-4 not a recognised LA code)

Characters 2-4 of the UPN or Former UPN must be a valid post-April 1999 LA code or a recognised "pseudo-LA" code.  

Codes: 001-005, 201-213, 301-320, 330-336, 340-344, 350-359, 370-373, 380-384, 390-394, 420, 660-681, 701-708, 800-803, 805-808, 810-813, 815, 816, 820-823, 825, 826, 830, 831, 835-837, 840, 841, 845, 846, 850-852, 855-857, 860, 861, 865-896, 908, 909, 916, 919, 921, 925, 926, 928, 929, 931, 933, 935-938

Make sure the UPN includes one of these.


1540- UPN or former UPN invalid (characters 5-12 not all numeric)

UPN or Former UPN must be numeric. This can be added by going on students profile and entering the UPN in Identity.


1550- UPN/ Former UPN invalid (character 13 is not a recognised value or is missing)

Character 13 of the UPN or Former UPN must be numeric or A-Z, omitting I, O and S

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