Why is there a difference between my Pupil Premium reporting pages?

Demographics > Pupil Premium Recipients

The Students > Demographics > Pupil Premium Recipients page shows the students for whom your school are getting funding during this Financial Year. You would have imported this file at the start of the new Financial Year (sometime in April). This article shows you how to do this at the start of the Financial Year.

You can toggle back to a previous Financial Year to see past Pupil Premium Recipients as well.



Background > Pupil Premium

Go to Students > Demographics > Derived Indicators and select Background.



Pupil Premium Eligible

Select Pupil Premium Eligible in the filters.



This page shows the students currently enrolled in your school that are eligible for Pupil Premium funding (to become Pupil Premium Recipients).



Pupil Premium Recipient

Select Pupil Premium Recipient in the filters.



This page shows you who out of the list in Students > Demographics > Pupil Premium Recipients are still currently enrolled in your school. As the Financial Year goes on, students from this list may leave your school. This will cause a difference in numbers between the 2 pages.


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