See what percentage of students are Pupil Premium

The easiest way of seeing what percentage of your cohort are Pupil Premium, or other demographics, is to go to Students > Enrolment > Statistics. Click into the filters, and select to show students who are Pupil Premium then click Apply.



This will give you a total figure, and a percentage out of your total students.



If you want to see breakdowns of multiple student demographics, click into the filters, and select to show data by Demographics, then click Apply.

Top Tip: Want to only see what percentage of a certain year group are Pupil Premium? Type into the Students who are box to select them first!



If you select the Demographics and Inverse option it will show the number of students who are listed as being the demographic (Pupil Premium), and those who are not in that demographic (Not Pupil Premium).



If you want to see a breakdown per year, set your filters as shown below.


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