Top Tips for using Arbor on your computer

Using URLs

The URL is the long web address at the top of any web page, including your Arbor Site. We may sometimes ask for the URL if you are having problems with Arbor. 



To copy and paste a URL, left click and drag until the whole URL is highlighted. Let go of the button and then right-click and select copy from the menu. Go to where you want to put the URL. Right-click and select Paste from the menu. 

On the left-hand side of the URL, you can also find the refresh/Reload page button - useful if you want a change in your system to take effect quickly! Clicking F5 on a Windows computer does the same thing.


Duplicating Tabs

Duplicating tabs lets you work on another part of the system whilst not losing your current work, or allows you to compare data on separate pages at the same time!  

In Chrome, you just need to right-click your current browser tab and click Duplicate Tab.



On a Mac, you can also click Window > Duplicate Tab at the top of your screen.


Bookmarking Favourite Pages 

Saving a page that you have to visit often as a bookmark in your browser will save you a few clicks every time. In Google Chrome just click the star button to add it to your list, then access it next time from your bookmarks bar.



Taking screenshots

Screenshots are useful for showing us what’s going on in your site if you’ve encountered a problem with Arbor. Just press and hold down Shift, Command then 3 and click and drag the image from your desktop into emails on a Mac. For a PC, just press prt scrn on a PC, then paste where you want. 

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