Print Preview Report Cards and Communications

Save time having to generate printouts just to check how the final version will look - use Print Preview!

Where can we use this feature?

This feature is available on HTML editors across the School MIS:

  • Custom Report Cards
  • Communications drafting - SMS, email, letter, in-app message (mail merges and from student, guardian and staff profiles)
  • Communication templates
  • School notices
  • Assignments

It is also available when drafting emails on the MAT MIS.

This feature is not available for:

  • The editor from within a table, such as the pop up when adding Assessment Comments or Snippets
  • Arbor and External Report Cards - Please note that you would still need to add student groups and generate an example report card to see how they will look. This will add the Report Cards to the Parent and Student Portals.

How to print preview

Go to a HTML editor. Here's an example of a HTML editor when drafting an email.

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 11.22.09.png


Click the Print Preview button (the printer icon next to the expander) to:

  1. Download it as a PDF.
  2. Connect to a printer and print it out. You can adjust the settings (layout, paper size, etc).

Here's an example from a Custom Report Card. Top Tip: Merge Fields will show as the preview, but the final data generated will include the actual data.

Print Preview Options.png

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