Error 5235

The 2-year-old basis for funding is missing or an invalid value for a two-year-old with funded hours.

The DfE states: 'All children become eligible for funded early education from the term following a child’s third birthday irrespective of background or family circumstances (the 3 and 4 year old universal entitlement).'

If a child has been enrolled at your school before they have turned three, error 5235 will appear if you have recorded their Funded Hours, but have not included a 2-Year-old Funding Basis. This is because the DfE expect that only two year olds that meet certain eligibility criteria (economic eligibility, high-level SEN or disability, or being Looked after/adopted from care) would have Funded Hours in the term of their third birthday.

It will not be possible to clear this error without including a 2-Year-Old Funding Basis, but if you are unsure which basis to use or need further advice, we'd recommend contacting your Local Authority, or the DfE themselves.

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