Query 2691Q

Unit contact time is greater than normal full time education hours (which is 25 hours per week).

The unit contact time is not editable directly, but this query occurs when a student is scheduled to have more than 25 hours of teaching time (lessons) on their timetable during census week.

You can check this by going to the Calendar section of the student's profile:

  • Look at the start and end times for each day
  • Take away any gaps

It's likely that if this query pops up, your school hasn't left a gap in lessons for lunches and/or breaks.

  • You can adjust the end times of your lessons to add in the breaks by following these instructions: Changing the Start and End Times of timetable slots
  • If students are in any extra lessons they shouldn't be, go to Student profile > Enrolment > Courses to remove any extra enrolments.

If you've done this and are still receiving errors, or aren't able to edit your timetable, you won't be able to clear this query. You will need to add a validation note when you submit your census to explain why the student has more than 25 hours of contact time.

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