Query 2110Q

Please check: More pupils in Nursery classes than nursery pupils on roll.

Amend your class numbers

Go to the Classes section from the left-hand menu of the census.

  1. For all of your nursery classes, make sure you've set the correct number of home students.
  2. Count up the total number of students marked as Home Pupils in your nursery classes on the Classes page.
  3. The total number of 'Home Pupils' for your Nursery classes should be less than the total number of students enrolled in your nursery.

The class numbers are correct

If this total number is higher, make sure students are not enrolled in two classes at once.

  1. Go to the Pupil Reconciliation section from the left-hand side of your census and click the Reconciliation status field. You'll see any students with double enrolments.
  2. You will need to remove the extra from the Enrolment section of the student's profile. Click on the enrolment, click Edit and amend or delete (only do this if they were added to the course by mistake and they never attended).

Query is still not resolved

As this is a query, you can submit your census without resolving this query. You'll need to add an explanation when you submit your census for this query.

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