Assignments FAQ

Can we copy assignments?

It isn't possible to copy an assignment or reassign a past assignment to the same or another class. You would need to create a new assignment


Can we archive assignments?

Assignments for your school, class or individual student will be displayed for the current year by default, but you can change the year displayed using a drop-down menu.

However, on the Parent Portal, all past assignments will be shown for all past years. Assignments cannot be archived or deleted.



Can we see which students have viewed their assignments?

It isn't possible to view whether a student has read about the homework or assignments they have, you are only able to view whether it has been submitted or not, and any supporting documents.

However, you can track the last time the student has logged in, which will give a good indication of whether they may have seen the assignment. You can do this by creating a report in the Custom Report Writer


Is there a way to notify students when there's a new assignment due?

Although there is no way to send them a notification through Arbor, you could send them an email.

They will also see that they have new assignments to complete on their Arbor homepage.


Can teachers set the same assignment for all their classes?

Yes, if a teacher has more than one class they can assign the same assignment to all classes at once. You can see how to do this here: Creating an assignment for multiple classes

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