Marking an assignment or changing the submission status

  • As someone not assigned to the class, go to School > Programmes > Courses and select the class. 
  • As a teacher, go to My Items > My Classes and select the class.



You will be taken to the class' Assignment Overview page where you can see submission information on all assignments for this class.



Select the Assignment you wish to amend from the Assignments section.

To add marks or change the assignment status, click the green Markbook button.



Bulk changing submission statuses

Please note that all submission statuses on lesson overview and in Student Portal will say 'Waiting for the student to submit' until either:

  • it is marked by the teacher (if it can only be submitted in person)
  • the student (if it can be submitted through the Student Portal)

In the marksheet, you can click to change the status of submissions. Click the tick boxes next to the students who have submitted their work then click the Bulk action button.



  • If you mark them as Submitted, the status will then change to Submitted - requires marking if you have selected during setup that a mark is required. Once a mark has been added, the status will change to Marked.
  • If during setup you did not choose to assign the assignment immediately, the initial status will be set to In planning.
  • Once the submission deadline has passed, you can also change the submission status to Submitted - Late or Not Submitted.
  • If you chose to allow students to submit via the student profile during setup, when a student fails to submit before the deadline the status will change to Late.
  • If a student has marked it as Submitted incorrectly, you can use the bulk actions to reset it back to Waiting for student to submit.



Adding marks and comments

Once a mark has been added, the status will change to Marked.

To add a mark, just click into a cell in the Grade column and select the grade. You can also drag down to fill, or copy and paste them from an external sheet.



To add a comment, click  into a cell in the Comment column and add your text, then click Ok.



You can filter marking statuses. Click the Don't show field, select the statuses to not include, then click Apply.



Editing individual details

Click on a student in the markbook table. You will see a slide over containing information about their assignment, or upload a scan of their work.

To change any of the details for this student only, click the orange Edit button.



You can edit the submission status or marks for this assignment. You can also change the submission deadline for this student's assignment by clicking the green Change Due Date button.




Can we mark assignments as not required for students?

Please see our article here.

Can we archive or mark all past assignments as complete to remove or hide them on the Portal?

Please see our articles here and here.

Student has marked assignment as Submitted by mistake

Please see our article here.


What's next?

Now the assignment has been marked, you can see how to view statistics here: Seeing assignment statistics

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