What is included in a CTF?

What is included in a CTF?

This DfE guidance explains what is required to be included in a CTF. Arbor CTFs will only include and import what is outlined in this guidance.


Can I send files or documents I have attached to the student profile in the CTF?

No, this isn't something that can be included within the CTF. You will need to download all the attachments individually from the places they are stored on the profile. You will then need to send these downloaded attachments to the school separately outside of Arbor, such as through a secure portal.


Assessment marks are missing?

You can see why here: Assessments are missing from the CTF


I have imported a CTF and there is a Medical Flag. What is this?

When importing a CTF, the file will recognise there is a medical condition attached. As Medical Conditions can be different in different MISs, a medical flag is shown on the student's profile. This is because Medical Condition details are vital pieces of information that need to be maintained.

You will need to contact the student's previous school to find out exactly what their Medical Condition is. 

If you need to add a Medical Condition, you can follow this article.


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