Find a profile using the Arbor ID

Every profile, Staff, Student and Guardian, will be assigned a unique ID number when their profile is created. This is usually 3 or 4 digits long. 

For Students and Staff, their Arbor ID number can be found in the Identity section of their profile.

For Guardians, the Arbor ID does not appear in the Identity section. It only appears in the URL/website address on their guardian page. Staff and Students have their Arbor ID here too.

This Guardian's Arbor ID is 1203.



How to find a profile if you only have the Arbor ID

Go to a random profile of that type of person. For example, if the Arbor ID belongs to a student, go to a random student profile. If they are a staff member, go to a random staff profile, and so on.

Once you are on the profile, click the URL in your browser.

Make sure to only highlight the numbers at the end of the URL. In this example, we are using a student profile.



For example, we need to find who is Arbor ID 661.

You will need to replace the ID number on the random profile with the number you are looking for and press Enter on your keyboard. In this case, we will change 635 to 661 and press Enter.

Student 661 is Justine Adams.



Can you change the IDs?

It is not possible to change these identifiers to a different number.

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