Moving to Arbor - Timetable FAQs

Can I edit my timetable after going live?

Basic timetable changes such as changing academic leads, changing rooms, editing timetable slots or changing lesson times can be made within Arbor following your go-live date. 

This article explains how these changes can be made: Editing timetable slots, lesson times, rooms and staff

Can we import a new timetable after go-live?

Yes you can import a new timetable from Edval or TimeTabler.

Before importing your file, please read the guidance below to ensure you're completing the process correctly depending on when you're importing the file.

We have imported a new timetable into our current MIS that is set to go active following our go-live with Arbor. Will this work? 

As long as you’ve imported your new timetable file into your current MIS (for example, NovaT6 into SIMS), prior to sending your live data to Arbor ahead of your final data import, your new timetable will display within Arbor on the date that you’ve set your timetable to go live on. 

You’ll need to make sure these changes are made before sending us your final data cut. 

We know what timetable changes we need to make prior to our go-live date. What’s the best way to go about this? 

We recommend making your timetable changes in your current MIS prior to sending us your final backup. Anything that has been imported into your current MIS will be migrated over to Arbor. 

If possible, it would be best to make any timetable changes prior to one of your dummy data runs, as this means you’ll be able to data-check this on your dummy data site to see how these changes have been translated into Arbor. 

We do however understand that this isn’t always possible, so at the very least making these changes prior to your final data upload will be sufficient.

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