Downloading End of Year Reports and sending them to guardians

Once all of the End of Key Stage or Early Years Foundation Stage Profile results have been entered, and your KS2 results imported, you can and download the results, per student, via PDF.

Downloading End of Year Reports

To print out the reports, you will need to generate End of Year Reports.

Please note that the MTC results are not output in the End of Year Reports, so you would need to create a bespoke mail merge to send details to parents and guardians if needed using these instructions.

Go to Students > Assessments > DfE Assessments > Export Results. Click the End Of Year Reports button on the right-hand side of the page.



Use the Bulk generate reports section to download a report for an entire year group, or use the Download report for single student section to create an individual report.



An individual report will download right away, but you'll need to wait for a notification to download reports in bulk.



Click the notification to download the reports.



You can then open them.



Here's an example report.



Here's another EYFSP report.



Sharing the reports with parents and guardians

Parents cannot see these reports in the Parent Portal or Arbor App.

You'll need to download each report individually, or split the bulk PDF using an external tool. You then have a few options to share them:

  1. Use our External Report Cards feature.
  2. Upload passwords or links into Arbor as User-defined fields and create a custom report, then send the details to students via a Mail Merge email.
  3. Share them outside of Arbor using email from a Sharepoint.

Please note we are unable to support with third-party systems, but feel free to jump over to the Community to chat to other schools.

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