Steps to take before importing from TimeTabler for the next Academic Year

Before importing your file, please read the guidance below to ensure you're completing the process correctly depending on when you're importing the file.

Importing for next year for the first time

If you go to School > Programmes > Courses and change the drop-down menu to show the next academic year, there will be nothing created on this page.



You'll need to refer to Step 6 of your New School Year Setup guide here, and follow the guidance for Option 1. You will need to either:

  • Complete steps 1 to 8 in order, to copy courses and classes from the previous academic year,then import your timetable, then promote your students - this will copy the course structure from the previous academic year.
  • Skip steps 1 and 2 and move straight to step 3 to import a brand new timetable for that academic year - this will create a new course structure in Arbor from the information in the imported TimeTabler file.

We recommend the second option, as although it takes longer to promote the students, any subsequent imports or changes you do will be quicker. You can then continue from step 4 to promote student enrolments from their classes this year into next year.



Replacing next year's import

If you want to make significant changes to the timetable you've imported for next year before the academic year starts, you may want to completely replace the timetable in Arbor and import from TimeTabler again.

Registration form sessions

If you have registration form sessions and will not be making any changes to these, we recommend not ending these sessions.

This is because these are scheduled in Arbor (seen in part 1 of Step 6 in the New School Year Setup: Set up registration form registers), and this scheduling can only be done once.


Step 1 - Make your timetable changes

Make the changes you want in TimeTabler. Make sure that:

  • within TimeTabler you've amended the 'Day & Period Labels' to take account of lessons that will be scheduled in Arbor, such as morning registration lessons
  • when preparing your timetable data for export in TimeTabler you select to 'Use Period Labels instead'
  • the first day of your timetable file is the first day of the academic year
  • all start and end dates are correct in the TimeTabler export - there can be no overlap of dates
  • the days of the week and period times are defined in the TimeTabler files

Step 2 - Remove your timetable for next year from Arbor

As long as you have not yet begun to take attendance, you will then need to delete the existing incorrect timetable slots in Arbor. 

  1. Go to Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots. Make sure you have selected the year you will be importing for in the filter. Click the boxes to select all the slots. 
  2. Click the Bulk action button to select Delete Timetable Slots
  3. In the slide over, click Delete and confirm the deletion. 



Step 3 - Check the timetable has been deleted

Once the timetable slots have been deleted, wait at least 30 minutes. This is so all lessons in the background will have been deleted. Check there are no lessons scheduled for a few example courses from School > Programmes > Courses.



Step 4 - Import your new timetable

Once you have checked that your old timetable has been removed, you can then import the new timetable.

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