Business Roles FAQ

What permission do I need to be able to add or remove business roles and permissions?

You will need a permission called School: Permissions: Administer.

We have a guide here that explains how check if you have this permission and how this can be assigned to you if needed.


Can I add a new business role?

It’s not possible to add a new business role to Arbor, we would recommend taking a look at the available business roles and changing the name if necessary. We have steps on how to do this in the article here.


Which business role should I assign to my staff members?

Here at Arbor, we are not able to advise what business role would be suitable for your staff, as what one school may deem suitable, another school might not. 

We recommend that you take the time to look through the available business roles and the permissions attached with the role in order to make your decision on which role to assign your staff members. Please find steps on how to do this in the article here. Below are steps on how to do this:

  1. Head to School > Users & Security
  2. Select a Business Role and then click on Permissions on the left-hand side


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