Business roles and permissions videos

Introduction to Business Roles and Permissions
What are business roles? What are permissions? Here's a quick overview of what permissions can let some example users do. Please note that the page you'll see when you log in now looks a little different. You can see full guidance on it here.
Overview of business roles
In this video, we'll show you how to see how many people have each business role, and to see what each permission allows users to do.
Business Roles and Permissions on the Staff Profile
Here's how to view which business roles and permissions a staff member has.
Assigning Business Roles to staff
Here's how to change or add a business role to a staff member.
Ad-hoc permissions
If a permission has been given to a staff member as an ad-hoc permission, you can easily remove them from a staff member. You won't be able to remove a permission if it has been assigned as part of a business role.
Editing a Business Role's permissions
If you're not happy with the permissions that come with a business role, you can change them. However, please be aware that permissions will then not be automatically updated by Arbor.
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