Introduction glossary for staff access and permissions


How do Business Roles and Permissions work?

What are Business Roles?

Business roles manage which users can access and edit which data points in Arbor.

You can see a list of the available business roles in Arbor by going to School > Users and Security > Business Roles.

You can't add, clone or copy roles, but you can customise:

What are Permissions?

Each business role on Arbor comes with a set of permissions for the most common tasks done by that role. Wherever possible, permission assignments should come from a business role at the school.

For each piece of data, being given certain permissions will enable you to:

  • View - this gives read-only access to see the data but not edit or update it.
  • Administer - this gives write access to see and take action with the data such as adding, editing or deleting it.

For example, a teacher would by default have the permission to take registers for their classes, but not have permission to take registers for all classes.

How can we manage staff access?

Since access to view pages or data and complete actions is managed by which permissions a user has, removing or adding access can be managed by varying the permissions.

If a staff member can't access something you think they should be able to, it's likely that they haven't been given a business role that contains all the permissions they'll need. You would need to either:

  • give them another business role
  • give them additional ad-hoc permissions

Check staff access

You can check what access a staff member has. There's no need to log in as them - we have a handy page to do this!

You can see how to check access here: Check a staff member user's access to different pages or buttons

To help you check access in bulk, you can also:

  • see a list of who has each business role by going to School > Users and Security > Business Roles. Click on a role, then select Users from the left-hand menu.
  • see a list of who has each permission here: See a list of permissions

Give additional access to staff

We recommend either:

It is also possible to edit permissions associated with a business role, but to do this your school must be in charge of managing that role. You can see how to do this here: Assuming responsibility for a Business Role

Remove access from staff

Permissions are removed by either removing the Ad Hoc permission or editing the business role: Remove a permission from a user

Can Arbor Support edit access for us?

Please note that the Arbor Support Team is not able to change access, permissions or business roles on your behalf. Someone at the school with the School: Permissions: Administer permission will need to do this.

If you're the Arbor Champion (the first person to be given access to your Arbor site), please contact your Project Manager.

  • If you're a Primary, click Contact Us in the top right of the Help Centre, and select Onboarding, migration and moving to Arbor.
  • If you're not a primary, please contact your Project Manager directly.


Can we grant temporary access?

Yes! When assigning business roles or permissions, there is always a date field to specify when the user should have this access. This can be used in the event of them needing to do something that is not included in their standard role, to make sure they only have access for as long as they actually need it.

What Business Roles were given when we migrated?

  • We migrate business roles from SIMS, Bromcom, Progresso, CMIS and ScholarPack. You can see more information here: How do we migrate Business Roles from SIMS?
  • For Integris, we only migrate business roles where contracts exist - this migrates from the roles section in Integris staff contracts. 

What does 'Arbor Admin' or SuperUser mean?

These are different types of access, which you can read more about here: How do I get the highest level of Admin access to Arbor?

How do I check for staff without a business role?

You can check for staff without a business role:

What happens if a staff member doesn't have a business role?

Every staff member must be given a Business Role to be able to log in to Arbor.

If they don't have a business role, they'll get this message when they try to log in: "You don't have permission to access Arbor".


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