How do I get the highest level of Admin access to Arbor?

Can I get full access? 

What you are able to access in Arbor is controlled by your business role, and the permissions included in that role. You can see more information here: What are Business Roles and Permissions

The roles with the highest level of access are the SLT and Administrator type roles, such as School Administrator and Business Manager. The role with the highest level of access is the Head Teacher business role on the School MIS, which by default includes the greatest number of permissions.

If you need access to more areas of Arbor, you can ask your administrators to:

What is Superuser access?

You may have heard of something called a 'super user'. This refers to access to the Custom Report Writer - you can see more details here: Custom Report Writer Superuser

What is Arbor Admin access?

You may have heard of something called 'Arbor Admin'. This refers to the access our support team, engineers and some of our support partners have. It is not possible for school staff to be given Arbor Admin level access.

I  used to have full access but have lost it? 

If you no longer have access to an area in Arbor, this will be because you no longer have permission. Ask your admin team to check:

  • the dates of the business roles assigned on your profile page - they can extend the date if it has ended prematurely
  • the dates of any ad hoc permissions assigned from the Roles & Permissions > Permissions section of your profile - they can add the permission again
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